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CYCLOPE tells its story without using any words. It happens in a world without boundaries and gravity. It is indeed a wild spectacle exploding into a free-spirited interpretation of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely’s work. The show puts a spell on its audiences for an entire summer night. A group of highly talented artists combines acrobatic performances, theatre and live music into an experience for everyone in attendance. This breath-taking, very fast-moving show is performed on a set that stands 17 metres high. It breathes life into Tinguely’s sculpture «Le Cyclop». More information…

CYCLOPE is a spectacle that rivets audiences – no words needed.

CYCLOPE reviews in the media:

«Spectacular artistic presentations are interwoven with delicate acrobatic stunts and live music.» Swiss Television, 10vor10

«An unforgettable experience for everyone!» Schweizer Illustrierte

«If Tinguely were still alive, he would be very thrilled with CYCLOPE!» Radio SRF1